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Pectin & Stabiliser blends

Pectinis a natural gelling, thickening and stabilising ingredient extracted fromcitrus peels allowing food producers to develop products with clean labeldeclarations. Our Italian-produced pectin is manufactured instate-of-the-art facilities, which are ISO and BRC, Kosher and Halal certified.

All types of pectins are produced:
High methoxyl
Low methoxyl amidated
Low methoxyl conventional

Our pectins areperfect for jams and marmalades, beverages (fruit juices, fruit drinks, milkdrinks), confectionery (fruit jellies and candies) and fruit preparations (suchas yogurts, bakery fillings, coatings and glazings).

Ourunique production process enables the manufacture of bespoke pectins forcustomised processes and speciality products.


Tara Gum – a natural thickening agent

Tara gum is a natural thickener for a wide range of foodapplications. It is an ideal alternative to locust bean gum and guar gum, andhas a synergistic relationship with other hydrocolloids providing more costeffective stability.

Taragum is produced in Peru,and our partners Silvateam Food Ingredients operate the only facilities in theworld that can produce Certified Organic Tara Gum  thickening agents. Aswell as being the biggest producer in the world, we can provide fulltraceability from owned plantations and BRC facilities in Peru. Our Tara is reassuringly not subject to shortages due toclimatic conditions or speculation.


Stabilisers and emulsifier blends for food manufacturers

Callevaand Silvateam produces stabilisers and emulsifier blends for foodmanufacturers. Whatever your specific application we can help. They provide technical service and support from concept of your foodor beverage through trials to full-scale production with confidentialityguaranteed.

Weoffer particular strength in Aglumix functional systems for ice cream,fruit-based and processed dairy products, sauces, dressings and condiments.

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